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  • mass price update operation
  • mass quantity update operation
  • mass product to category associations update operation
  • Operations Tasks - you can schedule this tasks
  • Log of operations
  • mass Actions docs

Advanced Bulk / Mass Actions + Advanced Products Filter - Prestashop Addon

  • Select products you want edit and bulk update them - this module saves tons of time on bulk editing of prices, quantities, associations, multilang texts and more than 60 products and combinations parameters.
  • Powerful products filter and simple interface make your work easier. You can filter Prestashop products by more than 25 parameters.
  • You can create tasks using filtered products and desired operation parameters and run these tasks in cron or other scheduler.
  • Undo last change function.
  • Instead of any words just try a demo.
  • This module is a Best Seller at Prestashop Addons

  • 3 months of Free Support for our Solutions 3 months of Free Support for our Solutions

This module saves tons of time on managing your Prestashop shop products and combinations.

Fast and Simple ajax User Interface

Mass edit operations with:

  • Prices
  • Stock quantities
  • Categories Associations - relation between products and categories
  • Advanced Multi-language text edit. You can edit next fields: name, description, short description, meta title, meta description, friendly url.
    You can add text to fields begin (prefix), add text to end of field (suffix), find and replace text in fields, set new text for field.
    Case convert options: 1. start all words with upper case, 2. start first word with upper case.

  • Tags, you can add new tags instantly from module
  • Features, you can add new features and feature values instantly from module
  • Related products aka accessories – instant product search tool
  • Suppliers
  • Brands aka manufacturers, you can add new tags instantly from module
  • Available carriers
  • Tax rule
  • Status
  • Web only
  • Display the "On sale!" flag
  • Product type
  • Visibility
  • Condition
  • Display condition on product page
  • Advanced stock management
  • Availability preferences: Behavior when out of stock
  • Label when in stock
  • Label when out of stock
  • Minimum quantity
  • Availability date
  • Additional shipping cost.
  • And more...

Filter Products By:

  • Categories
  • Product ID(s)
  • Keyword(s), Mass Actions module use standard Prestashop search mechanism which used in front
  • Product name
  • Price range
  • Quantity range
  • Features and feature values
  • Attributes and attribute values
  • Tags
  • Manufacturers (brands)
  • Suppliers
  • Product status
  • Date add, date update, available date
  • Online only
  • On sale products
  • Customizable
  • Indexed
  • Virtual
  • Advanced stock management
  • Virtual
  • Product name contains
  • Product short description contains
  • Product description contains
  • Product reference contains
  • Products EAN
  • Tax rule
  • Product Unity
  • Weight range
  • Filter by product that has specific price

Products Filter Features:

  • Instant search
  • Search in combinations
  • Invert search
  • Show all product images on product image hover
  • Show product categories on product category hover
  • Save search results as csv file
  • Copy search results products/combinations IDs to clipboard
  • Save filter parameters as configs

Please try module demo

Please check module documentation

Last module update: 21.10.2021

249985 Items

Data sheet

Addon Type
Mass/Bulk Update
Prestashop Compatibility
1.6.0 - 1.7.x
Module Translations
en, es, fr, de, it, pt, pl, ru

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